[Pre-owned]HERMES HERMES Dish, Plate, Equatorial Sketches (Zyager), American Dinner Plate 391

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■ブランド:HERMES エルメス
■商品名:赤道直下のスケツチ(ジヤガー) アメリカンデイナープレート
■サイズ:約 27cm
■ブランド: エルメス



■商品名称:赤道素描 (Jager) 美式餐盘
■品牌: 爱马仕

■备注:罗伯特·达雷(Robert Darré,1923-2006)是一位法国艺术家和博物学家,毕生致力于在纸上描绘世界上的动物。作为爱马仕最优秀的动物画家之一,他创作了许多载入史册的杰作。


■Name:Equator Sketch (Jager) American Dinner Plate
■Rank:N rank/Mint
■Size:about 27cm
■brand: Hermes
■Overall condition:An unused item with small scratches and stains from the exhibition.

■Remarks:Robert Darré (1923-2006) was a French artist and naturalist who dedicated his life to representing the world's animals on paper. One of Hermès' best animal painters, he created many masterpieces that will go down in his history.
■Shop:Ikebukuro Main Store
■Item Number:391

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