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[Used] Christian Dior Bracelet CD Navy Bracelet GP/Rhinestone 1227

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Description of item

■Brand: Christian Dior
■Product name: CD Navy Bracelet
■ Product condition: Used
■Product rank: B rank/scratches and stains
■Size: Wrist circumference approx. 8.5cm
■Accessories: Box, storage bag

■Overall condition: A typical used item with scratches, dirt, and signs of use.
■Specifications: GP/rhinestone
■Note: The popular Dior bracelet is now in stock.
■ Stock store: Ikebukuro main store
■Product number: 1227

Product Description

■Brand: Christian Dior
■Product name: CD Navy Blue Hand Chain GP/Water Ring
■ Product status: Used
■Product color: Grade B/Lightly dirty and slightly stained
■ Size: wrist circumference approx. 8.5 cm
■Accessories: Box, storage bag

■Condition: This is a normal second-hand product with scars, dirt, and signs of use.
■Form: All medical students/Lai Yin Seki
■Note: The popular Diaoyu Long is now on sale
■ Main store: Ikebukuro main store
■Product number: 24100531


■Brand: Christian Dior
■Name: CD Navy Bracelet GP/Rhinestone
■Condition: Used
■Rank: B rank/Excellent+
■Size: Wrist circumference: approx. 8.5cm
■Accessories: Box, dust bag

■Overall condition: A normal second-hand product with scratches, dirt, and a feeling of use.
■Specification: GP/Rhinestone
■Remarks:The very popular Dior bracelet has arrived.
■Shop: Ikebukuro Main Store
■Item Number: 24100531

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