[Pre-owned]HERMES HERMES Tote bag Yale Line Yale Line PM Tote bag Canvas Brown 577 EF

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■ブランド:HERMES エルメス
■商品名:エールライン PM トートバッグ キャンバス ブラウン
■サイズ:横幅約30cm 高さ約21cm×マチ約7.5cm
■ブランド: エルメス
■仕様:状態  カドすれ、傷、汚れ 持ち手にスレ


■系列:Her Line
■商品名称:Yell Line PM 手提包帆布棕色
■尺寸:宽度约30cm 高度约 21 厘米 x 马蒂约 7.5 厘米
■品牌: 爱马仕
■样式:情况 划痕、划痕、污垢 手柄上有划痕
■备注:Hermès Yell 系列是 2000 年推出的手提包,采用坚固的尼龙面料。尼龙面料具有优异的拒水性,即使在恶劣天气下也能轻松使用,并且有适合各个年龄段的男性和女性易于使用的颜色可供选择。它还配有拉链和钥匙,高度安全,防盗。


■Series:Her Line
■Name:Yell Line PM Tote Bag Canvas Brown
■Rank:B rank/Excellent+
■Size:Width approx. 30cm Height approx. 21cm x gusset approx. 7.5cm
■brand: Hermes
■Overall condition:A normal second-hand product with scratches, dirt, and a feeling of use.
■Specification:situation Scratches, scratches, dirt Scratch on handle
■Remarks:The Hermès Yell line is a tote bag introduced in 2000 that uses firm nylon fabric. The nylon fabric has excellent water repellency, making it easy to use even in bad weather, and is available in colors that are easy to use for men and women of all ages. It also has a zipper and key, making it highly secure against theft.
■Shop:Ikebukuro Main Store
■Item Number:23100356

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