[Pre-owned] Hublot Hublot Classic Fusion Men's Watch 542.NX.6670.LR.JPN18 Titanium Deep Blue Japan Limited Media Model 939

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■ブランド:Hublot ウブロ
■商品名:チタニウム ディープブルー 日本限定 メディア掲載モデル
■ブランド: ウブロ
■仕様:イズ ケース:直径 42.0mm (リューズ含まず) 全重量:81g 素材 チタン/TI カラー 文字盤 ディープブルー ベルト ラバーアリゲーター


■品牌: 恒宝
■样式:是 表壳:直径42.0毫米(不含表冠) 总重量:81克 材料 钛/TI 颜色 表盘 深蓝色 皮带橡胶鳄鱼皮
■备注:“Classic”是宇舶表的传统作品,“Big Bang”则是2005年出现的新一代代表作品。 《经典融合》就是将这两部作品结合在一起的系列。这个系列推荐给那些想要穿出Big Bang风格的时尚人士。其中,这是一款日本限定型号,表盘为深蓝色,渐变色美丽。


■Name:Titanium Deep Blue Japan Limited Media Featured Model
■Rank:B rank/Excellent+
■Accessories:Guarantee card,box set at a gate of a home or near the front door, used for serving or transporting food
■brand: hublot
■Overall condition:A normal second-hand product with scratches, dirt, and a feeling of use.
■Specification:Is Case: Diameter 42.0mm (excluding crown) Total weight: 81g material Titanium/TI Color Dial deep blue Belt rubber alligator
■Remarks:``Classic'' is Hublot's traditional work, and ``Big Bang'' is the representative work of the new generation that appeared in 2005. "Classic Fusion" is a series that combines these two works. This series is recommended for those who want to wear the Big Bang style in style. Among them, this is a Japan-only model with a deep blue dial with a beautiful gradation color.
■Shop:Ikebukuro Main Store
■Item Number:23100340

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